Enduring the Turmoil of Tule Lake
On display at the San Joaquin County Historical Society & Museum, Lodi, CA Aug 24, 2014 - Oct 19, 2014

Hiroshi Watanabe


Hiroshi Watanabe was born in Japan and moved to Los Angeles after graduation. He travels worldwide extensively, photographing what he finds intriguing at that moment and place. His work has been published around the world, and has been exhibited in many galleries across the United States and Japan.

He says of his work ARTIFACTS- "Things" from Japanese Internment Camps:" The things were things that were used but had no value, monetarily or emotionally, for the owners. But those are the proofs and testimony of their lives and history, and I thought all of them are worthy of being looked and photographed. What I see in these "things" are unsettling emotions that Japanese American had when they were conflicted by Japanese ideas and American ideas that they gained in their lives in the United States. The real tragedy for the Japanese Americans who lived in that era was that they could not have a single place to stand on, America nor Japan."