Enduring the Turmoil of Tule Lake
On display at the San Joaquin County Historical Society & Museum, Lodi, CA Aug 24, 2014 - Oct 19, 2014

Exhibit Details

This multi media exhibition consists of 42 framed black and white photographs of artifacts, 10 information banners, and 2 DVD's exploring the complexity of the only Japanese American Segregation Center of WWII.

Exhibition Panel Themes

Japanese American Immigration to U.S.
Lives Disrupted (the Evacuation)
Life Behind Barbed Wire (Arriving at camp)
A Home without Freedom (Coping)
The Arts of Survival (Enduring with Dignity)
Loyalty Questionnaire
The Only Segregation Center (Tule Lake)
Turmoil over Renunciation
Returning Home
Redress and Remembering

Exhibition Components

42 Frame Photographs of Artifacts
6 Text Panels: Title, Intro, Artists Statement, Glossary, Map, & Credit
10 Canvas Information Banners
Written by authors Stan Yogi and Elaine Elinson
2 DVDs
Programming & Suggested Artifacts list
Publicity Materials

Citation Guide for Historical Photos (PDF)